Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dishcloth Books

I stopped at Michael's today on some down time at work and got a really neat crochet pattern book...of dishcloths of course! It has 99 patterns in it, and it was only $7.99! Later in the day I realized that 1/2 of a page was ripped out (numbers 21-22) so I will have to exchange it, but I am still pretty stoked.

Also, I picked up a (gulp) knitting dishcloth pattern book (pamphlet thing) and some size 8 needles. I would really like to master knitting. And by master, I mean complete one project that has both knit and purl stitches haha! To date the only thing I've finished is a scarf made entirely of knit stitch...and I made it in that awful homespun stuff that splits like crazy, so it was uber frustrating.

Although I've probably blown my crafting budget (what budget) for the week (month, year?) I need to go to Joann's tomorrow for a couple things still.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sex-ay Wallets and other swaps

Well I finished the garden scarf and the one skein scarf for the following month. I still haven't completed the crochet hook roll (well I finished it, but it is messed up, I need to re-do it) or the clutch. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. I made these wallets out of paperback novel covers, I found a tutorial on Craftster and modified it slightly.

Also I made a purse and goodies for a purse swap on craftster. I had quite a bit of trouble with it, I hadn't sewed from a pattern in years, and now I remember that I hate Butterick patterns. It's lined in a green/brown silky fabric and closes with a magnetic snap. I also did a crocheted journal cover with room to hold a pen on the spine area with vintage ribbon to hold it closed, a crocheted roller skate key chain that I made up the pattern for (my partner liked roller derby), and a crocheted bookmark.