Monday, June 24, 2013

Green Smoothie Craziness!

I've made green smoothies before. As in, a handful of spinach into whatever smoothie I'm already making. But after reading Green Smoothies Diet by Robyn Openshaw (of Green Smoothie Girl) I decided to step it up a notch. She suggests drinking a quart or more of green smoothies a day, which is completely doable and even...delicious?

I've been making smoothies for my nephews lately, and they beg for them every day. My middle nephew told his dad (my baby bro) that I made "the best milkshakes ever!"  They tend to be milk or almond milk, frozen bananas and/or frozen berries and yogurt or protein powder. I think I will start adding some greens to their smoothies too, they are already pretty good veggie eaters but when it comes to vegetables I do think more is better!

This is day 5 or so of having a green smoothie at least once a day and I'm surprised at how much I look forward to it. For right now I'm staying fairly simple and blending spinach with water, and then adding in frozen berries and sometimes half a frozen banana. Today I didn't add the banana and I felt like I was hungrier sooner after drinking it. I know the idea is to get to at least 50/50 fruits to veggies ratio, and more veggies than fruits eventually if possible.

My smoothie today (shown above) was a little bit more veggie:
  • A stalk of kale blended with water, and then a large handful of spinach
  • Frozen peaches, frozen strawberries and half a frozen bananas and more water to make sure it wasn't too thick and everything blended well
  • A smidge of sweetener...I definitely want to get away from sweetening these eventually but am fine with a little bit as I am adjusting my tastes