Wednesday, June 09, 2010

AccuQuilt Giveaway

AccuQuilt Giveaway!

Amy, who has a great quilting blog that I like to read, is giving away an Accuquilt! These cutters are super cool! Check out her giveaway!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quilting (Piecing) Overload

I'm kind of exhausted this week, probably more mentally than actually physically. Work has been a huge hassle since we are learning a new system, that is both poorly thought out and has a lot of glitches in the computer programming. Since I only work weekends, I only had two days to get stressed out, but procrastinating on various crafty projects certainly hasn't helped.

I do like selling my crafts, it's nice to know that I can make things that other people are willing to buy, as well as pay for some of my crafting supplies. But sometimes I just feel like it's not worth it, like it sucks the fun out of it. If I wasn't such a procrastinator, maybe I wouldn't feel this way! Although, when my soap and assorted bath products were in a physical store, it definitely wasn't worth it. I didn't enjoy losing the creative control of what I was making, when I was making it, how much of a certain product I had to make, and how it needed to be labeled.

Anyways, I finished the Monkey Quilt last week and this week am making a baby girl quilt for the same customer. I am just having trouble getting started! Since I have a busy day friday (ie, I would rather do other thigns than still be working on this), and told her it would be done friday, I really need to complete it thursday night before bed. 

These are the fabrics I am using, a really cute line I got from Quilter's Biz. I have a jelly roll and a charm pack, plus I got some matching/coordinating fabrics for the backing and binding (not from the same line) to complete the quilt. Having 3 sweet/monster nephews I don't have a lot of chances to make baby girl things, so I am excited to work with these fabrics! Flower-y and stripe-y in pink(!), off-white, lime green, brown, and gray-blue! Pink polka dot backing and green binding. Hopefully I will have pics of the finished quilt soon! I am not planning on really using a pattern, just making little blocks of the charm packs bordered with pieces of the jelly roll (in a different color from the charm pack in each center). I think I may do a pieced border, kind of Chinese/Stacked Coins style? I probably would have made a Chinese/Stacked Coins Quilt if I had bought fabric for sashing.

I spent the beginning of the week completing quilt blocks for my Quilt Block Swap on Craftster that I had procrastinated a bit on, and then lost a couple days on with problems at work and watching my nephews when my sil got sick.

Here are the blocks I have been working on for my 8 partners over the last couple of months. These pictures only show 1 block for each partner...there were 3 blocks total! So happy to get the last blocks in the mail today! I did have fun learning some new patterns and techniques, but 8 partners + organizing the swap, plus all my other stuff going on may have been a bit much for me. Also I need to remember that procrastinating doesn't always work out since what I have planned to do last minute might get bumped by something more important (helping my sil).

Triple Irish Chain Quilt. This would be easy to make as the only block in a larger quilt, I only made 3 blocks in 3 different colorways though. It uses 2 1/2 inch strips, so if you cut all your strips at once, or used a jelly roll separated in lights/mediums/darks for a scrappier look, I think it would be a breeze to put together!

String Quilt Block, with white as the center string, and rainbow colors.

Raw Edge Circle Quilt Blocks

Wonky Houses

Wonky Log Cabin Block

Bug Jar

Scrappy X block

Raw Edge Applique

The rest of the blocks I made can be found here, except for two of the three blocks I made for klum78. She is my friend in town, so we met up and exchanged blocks in person, and of course I forgot to take pics of the second and third block!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soaping, Quilting, Blogging

Going by the dates of my posts, I am the worst blogger in history. Since blogging hasn't been around THAT long, at least it's a short history to be the worst of. I did read a cool article (somewhere) recently about not putting too much pressure on yourself to blog, but I guess a little consistency isn't a terrible thing.

I have been working on a ton of crafty things in the last couple weeks. I made 8 batches of soap over the course of two days about a month ago. It's now nicely cured and I need to label it. Ick. Labeling is probably the worst part of soapmaking. At least it's the final step before gifting or selling, so that is its redeeming quality, I guess. I am coming up with new labels, which incorporate fabric, scrapbooking paper, and possibly yarn or crochet thread. They are much fancier than the old labels, but I have increased the time it make to complete them at least three-fold.

What's a blog post without pics?