Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soaping, Quilting, Blogging

Going by the dates of my posts, I am the worst blogger in history. Since blogging hasn't been around THAT long, at least it's a short history to be the worst of. I did read a cool article (somewhere) recently about not putting too much pressure on yourself to blog, but I guess a little consistency isn't a terrible thing.

I have been working on a ton of crafty things in the last couple weeks. I made 8 batches of soap over the course of two days about a month ago. It's now nicely cured and I need to label it. Ick. Labeling is probably the worst part of soapmaking. At least it's the final step before gifting or selling, so that is its redeeming quality, I guess. I am coming up with new labels, which incorporate fabric, scrapbooking paper, and possibly yarn or crochet thread. They are much fancier than the old labels, but I have increased the time it make to complete them at least three-fold.

What's a blog post without pics?

Besides the recent soaping, it has been a very quilty week for me. I finished my first quilt commission! My mom's friend/co-worker is paying me to make 3 quilts and 2 big brother blankets. They have two co-workers that are having babies, and each baby has a big brother who is around 2. My mom, her friend, and I hit Joann's to get all the fabric recently. We ended up with fabric for a third baby quilt. I don't think it has a specific recipient yet. Here is the quilt I finished this week and delivered:

This is maybe my fifth finished quilt. So not perfect, but I am pretty amazed at how far I have come in the less than a year that I have been quilting! This is my first quilt:

A question for any of you out there in bloggy-land:

How much would you charge for a quilt if the person buying it had purchased the fabric? In other words, you are only charging for your time since the materials were purchased. We're talking a 38" x 48" (approx) quilt.

Or, if you are not a quilter, how much would you want to or expect to pay? My estimate is that this size takes me between 6 and 10 hours to make from cutting out to completion.

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