Monday, August 25, 2008

Serger Breakthrough

Today I had a breakthrough~I finally got my serger threaded! I have only had it for like 6years, but every time I tried to thread it I wanted to cry, it was so frustrating!

I have been doing a little sewing lately, a few pouches for swaps, and I need to sew a big U shaped pillow for the boys' bunk bed.

After a 4 month swapping hiatus I am back on with several, two of which I am ready to send out and another that I am organizing. Sometimes it seems like a lot of pressure, but other times it is good to have something to work on and keep me going.
I'd like to take a beginning quilting class, but the dates aren't jibing up for me this month. Also this is a bad time, money-wise.

Ninja Turtle Outfits (started)
U Pillow (materials bought)
____ for Friends Swap )1/3 done
Soap for upcoming IYP swap--2 partners (need coconut oil)
Curtains for birthday swap (need material)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Projects to start:

scarf for me out of that sport weight yarn I like

wall organizer for me (have fabric)

purse for me (have fabric)

purse for Amanda (have fabric)

play mat for the boys

Current projects:

semi-complicated scarf for my mom, I lost interest a little when I had to frog it and re-start with a bigger hook. It works up fairly quickly, but it's not really a pattern I can do in front of the tv. It's gonna be awesome if I ever finish.

inchies! nuff said, for some reason have to be really in the mood to work on these

scarf for a swap, she wants blues and blacks. I think Iwill do some kind of a wave/ripple pattern with color changes every 4 or 6 rows or so.

random crocheted and other projects for wishlist swap

sewn project for swap, don't have partner yet

getting recipes together for a swap "healthy kit" have everything purchased

Finished projects:

Just finished booties and calorimetry for a personal swap with my friend Kim

These are her pics, I spaced on taking any!

wall organizer for swap