Friday, May 17, 2013

A "Sweet" Big Brother Quilt

My friend Jean (sweets4ever on Craftster) just had a baby that I made this quilt for. But that baby has an older brother! I had just started quilting around the time I became a moderator, and the older brother was born just previous to this, so I had never made him a quilt!

I thought it would be fun to make him one too so he wouldn’t be left out. I happened to have a really fun rocket panel in my stash, along with a remnant I had picked up of this ray gun fabric.

The colors seemed to work together, so I pieced this bright quilt top together by cutting the panel in two, rearranging it and bulking it out with some strip pieced checkerboard.

For the back I created a  simple chevron out of half square triangles to be a focal point, and used up some of the leftover strips to create some more checkerboard.

I quilted around the squares in the panel, up and down the checkerboard, and then I outlined 3 of the rockets in each panel.  All throughout this project I had been trying to figure out some way of using the blue stripe fabric, but never quite fit it in, but I realized it would work ok for the binding!

I’m not sure if I’m pleased or embarrassed that all of the fabrics for this came out of my stash!

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