Monday, November 12, 2012

Giddy-Up Cowboy Quilt

I've been working on this project for my friend kittykill since I found a remnant of the cowboy fabric (the light blue background with cowboys and fences in the center of some of the blocks). I was going to make a table runner or something, but then I kept finding more and more fabric that would work well together, so I ended up making a lap quilt! The dark blue bull riding fabric is especially funny to me, it works perfectly in this quilt but I can't imagine many other uses for it Smiley

I used the inspiration from this quilt~

Besides the above mentioned, I got the cowboy boot fabric, the red bandana fabric and the cowboy hats specifically for this project, but a surprising amount came from my stash and worked well, including the white and tan print, the brown with white polka dots, the brown with white dots in a horseshoe pattern, the blue bandana on the back, and the binding, which I think kind of looks like rail fences Cheesy

I pieced the back from an extra block I made for the front and then realized it would too gigantic, plus a strip I cut off the front and then other fabrics I had left.

I quilted each section differently, in a square spiral pattern in the block section, vertical lines in the small strip section and horizontal lines in the larger strip section.

I guess I didn't take any pics that show the binding very well, this one might a little bit.

Sorry I had to model the quilt on my love seat, my mom usually holds them up for me but she has a broken shoulder and nobody else has been around (except for the nephs, who are too short Smiley )

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