Friday, July 19, 2013

Trio of Fold-Over Baskets for Guild Swap

This month my quilt guild did a "container swap." Basically any basket or bucket style container works, as long as it is either pieced or quilted. We each got a slip of paper with a little bit about our partners on it. My partner liked polka dots, Violet Craft's fabrics, Mo Bedell's fabrics (and they're both in our guild!), and text/word fabric. I found this adorable tutorial on the list of tutes our Programs Director put together on our guild blog.

I made this one first, using some Violet Craft Broken Herrringbone and some Lizzie House Pearl Bracelet. The Herringbone was pretty much perfect for this pattern, I love how it lined up on the corners! I quilted this in a square straight line spiral.

Then I decided it might not be enough, so I made a teeny one with some polka dots and text fabric.
I quilted this one in a kind of dogwood blossom pattern. I love the look of this when it's done well, I will definitely practice it some more!

Then the two sizes just seemed weird together, so I made a third one in between the two sizes. This is some Mo Bedell fabric (pink) and some DS Denyse Schmidt for Joann Fabrics. I quilted two wavy diagonal lines and then in a wavy square spiral. Kind of fun to do that because it covers any mistakes Cheesy

Sorry that the pics aren't great, my camera died and I am stuck with just my cell phone camera.


AnnMarie said...

Your partner is not home from her trip yet, but I know she'll love the containers!

anotheryarn said...

Oh I missed seeing this on Thursday - cute!

Dawn said...

those are absolutely adorable! So practical, too.

LimeRiot said...

I LOVE these, Mare. I meant to make one this weekend but didn't get around to it. It helps to see the inside of yours. I wasn't sure about that tacking down step with the inside corners.

deb's said...

I am the lucky recipient of these lovely baskets! They are so cute and very useful too. Thank You Mary Ann!

MareMare said...

I'm so glad you like them, Deb! :D