Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PNW MQG Meetup Recap

Whew! It's been a couple days since the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild 2013 Meetup wrapped up and I'm still processing all the awesome things that happened. It was so much work to put on, but totally, totally worth it! Although I was definitely "working" all weekend, I still managed to sneak in a lot of fun including:
*A cool class on From Patchwork to Publishing with my friend, author Susan Beal. I missed part of it due to my organizer duties and some other stuff, but I still learned some great info and am raring to start writing the soapmaking book I've been talking about for years! After checking in for the event, we picked up our goodie bags! Yay!

Goodie Bag. Who doesn't love swag?
More swag! Tiny charm squares from Monica and Violet!

 *A fabulous tote bag swap! I received a beautiful bag from Cathy of Fraser Valley MQG, who didn't attend the meetup but kindly sent her bag from Canada! Thank you so much, Cathy!

The bag I received in swap.  Bag front

Bag back

Bag Inside--pockets, awesome lining, key chain holder + cute FVMQG fob!
 And for a reminder of the bag I made, which ended up going to a member of Seattle MQG

Hand quilting

Bag Front

*The fabulous kick-off party opening night at Modern Domestic, one of our kick butt sponsors. I was in charge of food and drinks for the party, but I had such an amazing crew of volunteers that I was also able to still enjoy the party!

*Sewing at Fabric Depot! Well I didn't ever get around to sewing, but shopping, definitely, and I won a FD prize bag while I was there!  Sweet!

My Fabric Depot winner!

Madrona Road by Violet Craft

Some more pretties...I have plans for the red and aqua (along with the red and aqua FQ below), Faux Bois, and just some florals that struck my fancy.

Some tasty FQs...I always scoop up B&W prints that I like to use in our charity blocks

"Short Cuts" I haven't noticed these there before. I like 'em!

Chrysanthemum and Coriander from Belle by Amy Butler

A couple blenders that hopped into my cart, and a ruler that was on sale at the outdoor sale.

*Shop hopping fun with some of my best PMQG friends--Kim, Amber, and Michelle M., as well as my online-friend-turned-real-life-friend, Amy Dame, who came south to Pdx with her guild, Vancouver MQG. As board officers, I think it was great that Kim (Programs Director), Amber (Secretary), and I (Vice President) were able to get our shopping on amidst putting on this event!

Some fabulous goodies from Knittn' Kitten, Portland's thrift craft store. Fabric, corduroy scraps, a floss organizing system, and baby ric-rac, dyed by Ethel, the store's owner.

Cool yarn bombing we saw when walking into SCRAP
 And at Modern Domestic I picked up some yummy Essex. I haven't worked with it much but always like it when I see it in a project.
10 gorgeous FQs of Essex Linen!

*Painting nails! It's a big hobby of mine I and was able to paint nails in our Clubhouse/hotel suite two nights.

Top: Nancy
Bottom: Sherri

Michelle M.

  • Delicious Cartopia food cart dinner and some to-go gourmet pizza for late night snacking
  • Champagne Brunch! All I can say is, yum! Ok, I can say more. It was hard to find a brunch spot for a big crowd that could fit different dietary restrictions, especially since I wasn't sure of numbers, but Acapulco Mexican Restaurant outdid themselves as far as how nice they were to work with. Oh, and the food was delicious! The chef worked with one of my participants with food allergies to make her something special, and even went as far as showing her his actual recipes. If you've ever been there for happy hour or dinner, brunch is an entirely different experience, and one you need to have. Get yourself there!
  • Meeting new friends and spending time with old ones! 
I know this is a bit light on pictures (at least of people!), but I was so busy working and experiencing that I wasn't able to take too many pics. For more of our amazing weekend, check out #mqgmeetuppdx on Instagram, and/or visit some of the other posts in our Meetup Recap Linky Party.

There are also 2 (so far) meetup recaps I wrote on the main blog:
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Holly said...

What a weekend! I'm happy to have had the chance to meet you in person and I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver soon! Thanks for my beautiful manicure! And a huge thanks for all the work you and the team put into making this weekend a success!

Kimberly said...

Love your recap! I need to email you some pics. We're you going to do a recap for the Guild blog too?

anotheryarn said...

Ohh, you will have to show me where those short cuts are in FD next time we are there.

Jenny Bonynge said...

You worked it SO hard! And you were fabulous!!! Love your personality and enthusiasm...

Jennifer Gleich said...

The weekend was awesome. I am so glad that I attended. I was able to meet some wonderful ladies and sew, sew, sew. Thank you for all of your hard work in making the arrangements for such a great weekend event.