Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Neutrogena Bzz Campaign

I got a new Bzz Campaign to try out! One of my favorite make-up brands--Neutrogena!

Some info about Neutrogena:

Recommended by dermatologists (and your mirror)

Neutrogena® is known for making radiant skin a reality with their skin care products, so we should have known they’d do the same with their makeup. Forget diamonds — Neutrogena® Cosmetics are the only best friend a girl needs, enhancing your natural beauty while helping to improve your skin’s healthy look.

These were the products I got to try:
My reviews?

The Moisture Smooth Color Stick was my favorite of the group. It has the best fragrance (something sweet and fruity that I can't quite place) and is very moisturizing. The color I received is Sweet Watermelon. It's a bit too light/shimmery for my tastes, but it looks great over my darker lip stain. I will definitely buy this product in the future, in different colors.

The Healthy Lengths Mascara was my second favorite product. It is really great at being clump-free and goes on easily. It's not quite as thickening as I would like. I might buy this product.

The Crease Proof Eye Shadows was my least favorite product of this group. The colors I received were fairly neutral--Lasting Taupe and Constant Copper. I had trouble getting the shadow to show up on my lids, it seemed like no matter how much I applied I still couldn't see it. They didn't seem particularly long lasting to me since I couldn't really tell I was wearing it. I will not buy this product in the future.

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