Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Blocked!

No, I haven't lost my crafty mojo due to a drying up of ideas, but because I've been super busy with other things (mainly, taking care of my nephews) and my sewing room being torn up. My brother needed my sewing room table back to fit in his new, smaller house, so I am currently needing to clean the room to fit in the large computer desk which he gave me. Meanwhile my sewing machine and current project(s) are living on my dining room table, but I haven't touched them for over a week.

I've also missed the last many, many quilt guild meetings, which bums me out, but by Thursdays I just feel exhausted, and if the weather is bad (per usual in Portland), I definitely don't want to do down and fight for parking in the Pearl. And, even though this is my third year with the guild, sometimes my social phobia rears its head and I freak out about going.

What am I "working" on? So many things! Most importantly, two baby quilts for my cousin and a crocheted ripple afghan. I'm also pattern testing a crochet pattern for a friend, and have a swap going on C-ster that I am making a dresden plate (my first dresden!) pillow cover for, and also maybe a mini quilt and mug rug. Ok, making my list has actually gotten me excited about my projects again, and make me want to get in and clean up my craft room so I can get back to making!

Here's one block from the second baby quilt. The first one just needs to be basted (my least favorite part of the quilting process), quilted (second least favorite part) and bound (my fave part, along with piecing!). I have two blocks done, and most of the Half Square Triangles completed. I may need to make some more as I get near the end, but I ran out of some fabric so am going to wait until I need it to see which ones I need to cut. Or I might decide to put some solid large squares in at that point. Or giant HST? Who knows!

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