Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fabric Noms!

So many delicious fabrics lately! I am stoked to get to stitching! I am doing a Mystery Quilt, so I visited Fabric Depot's Clearance Room to find light, medium, and dark coordinating fabrics for that. I think my picks are a bit different (and less traditional than what lots of people seem to be using!) but I'm pretty happy with it! I actually just found the medium and dark in the clearance room, and got the light from the main store (Kona Azure). With a coupon, of course ;)

Then, the week after that, I realized I had some money to shop at my fave online store, Fat Quarter Shop. I hit the clearance fabrics hard! I also found an awesome pattern on clearance that I had to have. I don't think I've ever bought a single pattern, usually go for books or get free ones online.

 Suzette Aqua Wandering Vines, Lush Creamsicle Tossed Leaves, Lush Turquoise Stargazer, Twirl Twisted Orange Twirled Swirls

Twirl & Shout Plaid in Whirling White,  Going Places Green, and Blowing Blue

My relatives were in town last week, and even though they'd all already sent me birthday cards/money in August, they were sweet enough to gift me with more cash! I actually had a paycheck that covered my bills, so was able to use the birthday money for fun money. And to me, fun money should be spent on fabric! In addition, one of my aunts paid for my purchase at Joann (4 yards of batting, 3 quilting magazines, and a mini donut tin to make goodies with the nephs!) Gotta love that!

I hit Fabric Depot and found a couple things in the Clearance Room

Large dots, flowers, and stripes in muted sherbets and browns! And a few Fat Quarters I couldn't pass up.

Laura Gunn is definitely one of my favorite designers...Poppy, Lantern Bloom, Magnolia Lane. Yum! I found these and loved them before I realized they were Laura Gunn!

These are Painter's Canvas in the Magnolia Lane line, Laura Gunn for Michael Miller

The colors did not come out very well, I think you can see them better here~

And in this last pic you can see I also treated myself to some Michael Miller Ta-dots (Turquoise, lime green, and pink). The yellow dots are from another line. The top fabric is the lovely Needle Pins  (gray) from Aneela Hooey's Sew Stitchy line. Then the bottom is an yellow print and another in orange that I had to have.

And, I haven't received this last one yet, but I found it on my Pinterest and found some on Etsy, so ordered two yards. Kitchy Kitchen Ric Rac Coral by Maude Asbury.

That last one reminded me of one of my all time faves that I am still holding onto a couple yards of~Erin Stripe from Michael Miller. It's an awesome blender and I imagine the RicRac will be too!

Really, the only other fabric I am super lusting after right now are the Momo Tiny Deer. And I blame Kim for that.  And maybe some other Momo in general ;)


Kimberly said...

The deer are so lovely... ;)

MareMare said...

I know! Argh! I might be placing another order....