Friday, October 19, 2012


I have soooo many quilty projects in the works! Besides my 12 projects for this year that I listed at the beginning of the year in my Craftster 12 Project Along Thread, 4 current or former mods are having babies, so I have to make more baby quilts! Also, 3 of those new babies have older brothers, only one of whom I've made a quilt for before, so I feel the need to make some older brother blankets or quilts. Plus a friend is having a baby.

In addition to these full quilts, I joined 3 groups in  Craftster's Quilt Block Swap 2. I organized Round 1, and to be honest, some people didn't follow the rules very well. I have high hopes for this round though, and am happy to have some fun projects to work on.

Each group is made up of 5 people, and we send (3) 12 1/2 inch blocks to each of them, so since I am doing 3 groups, I have 36 blocks total to send out! I already have 3 blocks finished for my friend Linda, who chose Scrappy Log Cabin in a non-specified, but colorful scrappy way. She wants to sash in white so no white in the outer ring...I realized some of mine has some white in it, so I hope that's ok, I was trying to avoid solid white/white on white and didn't think about the blue and white print.

I also need to finish up a little Matryoshka wall hanging I am making for a friend. I ran out of soap for personal use (ran out of soap to sell a long time ago!) so offered  soapy friend, Mandy, a swap. She sent me some awesome bars lickety split, but I haven't finished her wall hanging yet so need to get on it!

Of course I can't currently find the picture of my Matryoshka I paper pieced, but this is the pattern I bought from etsy--Matryoshka Paper Pieced Block. My friend Heather posted it on FB a while back and I had to buy it.

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